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Great North Regional Center

Great North Regional Center was approved by USCIS in November, 2017 and is owned by Peak Resorts. The boundaries of Great North Regional Center include all of Vermont, New Hampshire and parts of New York and Massachusetts. 

Why Choose Great North Regional Center?

  • Located in a rural Targeted Employment Area so investors qualify for minimum investment amount. 
  • Peak Resorts, headquartered near St. Louis, Missouri is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (SKIS). Audited financials are publicly available at ir.peakresorts.com.
  • Mount Snow's first EB-5 project raised $52 million and has over 90 I-526 approvals with investors from 13 countries.
  • Mount Snow has been in business and operating for over 60 years, shows consistent revenue and EBITDA, is one of the most successful ski resorts in the Northeast and is close to the New York City and Boston metropolitan areas.
  • Experienced management and customer service team that can guide you through the EB-5 investment visa process.
  • President of Mount Snow is an experienced real estate developer with over 30 years of experience.
  • An NES Financial Platinum Medallion Status member. The NES Financial Platinum Medallion is a hallmark of the project's dedication to best practices throughout the EB-5 life cycle. It signifies that the project employs at least three qualifying NES Financial Intelligent Solutions, providing international investors with the highest levels of security, transparency and compliance.
  • Peak Resorts, Mount Snow, the Great North Regional Center and its projects are audited annually by an independent third party certified public accounting (CPA).

The Process

  1. Contact Mount Snow to evaluate your eligibility for the EB-5 program
  2. Review the offering documents and sign the subscription documents
  3. Sign Escrow Agreement and deposit funds
  4. Submit the I-526 petition
  5. Enter the United States and receive temporary green card
  6. File I-829 petition and receive permanent green card
  7. Optional U.S. Citizenship